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Get Rid of Pests Safely

The best pest control is done safely with environmentally friendly products and methods. Homeowners seek ways to get rid of pests without harming family members, pets, or visitors. A company with years of experience can determine the best way to control pests in the home. The process begins with a free initial inspection of the home or business. That will let owners know exactly what pests there are at the location. The technician can then give a few suggestions and options for getting rid of the pests, and prevent them from returning. You can choose the option that works best for the area, any time line restrictions, and any budget constraints.

There are several pests that can invade any home or business, depending on where the property is located. Mosquitoes, for example, are attracted to damp and humid climates. So pest control Orlando requires a few methods for dealing with them. Bug spray and citronella candles can only do so much. One way to keep mosquitoes away from the area is with an exterior fogging application. You can also have a misting system set up on your property with nozzles placed at specific intervals. Once the system is set up, there is an on-demand key-fob that controls when the mist is released. Keep children and pets away from that area, release the mist, and then enjoy the home and yard without any mosquitoes.

Other pests, such as palmetto bugs and roaches, are treated with residue materials that have a low impact on the environment. Ants come in many varieties, and different treatments are used for each type. The most common type of ant is attracted by food in the home. That can be crumbs on the floor, or fruit on the counter. Carpenter ants live in the walls and can weaken the structure of your home, much like termites do. Fire ants build colonies in yards and fields and damage the landscaping. Fleas and ticks can be found in the home, even if there are no pets. They can enter via rodents, the bottom of shoes, or on guests to the home. Once any and all pests are removed from the home, barriers can be put in place to avoid them from returning.


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